Here Lies​.​.​. - EP

by Puhham

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Shiloh Puhham's ep immediately establishes a very personal pop sound that later evolves into this melancholic and slow progression, which helps the collection of songs stand so well on it's two feet. Favorite track: Legend.
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released December 17, 2015




Puhham Chicago, Illinois

18 year old musician from chicago, il.


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Track Name: More Time
sometimes i would like time to stop
to get away
from reality
i want to find a way to find you faster
than the speed of light
oh baby, i just want you

i want more time with you
less time with history
more time with you
baby, it's just you and me, oh
Track Name: Legend
little boy in the covers
always finding trouble
looking for some red, yellow, green
growing up to become a troubled teen

every single day he acts so cold
his mind he can’t control
all this shit talking is getting old
and all the things he told
tryna get some girls but they all said no
tryna get some weed cuz he think he so dope
so you think you put on a show?

he’s always talking marijuana dreams
he wanna make his life a smoke machine
drifting away from real life
tryna cut ties with a sharper knife

he’s always talking marijuana dreams
thinking all these pills are gonna give him luck

even when you die
you will never be a legend
cuz people really hated it
when your name was mentioned
even when you die
you will never be a legend

living life with a blacklight
getting lean, losing eyesight
waking up, getting notified
taking pictures, going worldwide
still buzzing, smoke still huffing
and he don’t give a fuck if he gets a handcuffing
only cares bout them numbers
not his head still rushing
still rushing

Track Name: Three More Hours
flying in the sky and missing you
having no idea what to do
coming back in a place so far away
i promise i'll be coming home today

oh don't worry, everything's gonna be okay
don't let the pain come in your way
i'll keep you in my arms
i'll keep you in my arms
let's keep our wait strong
it won't be long
just three more hours
until i'm home with you

don't know why i keep on getting tired
every time the plane keeps getting higher
looking at the time on my phone
will you promise not to leave me alone


i can see the beautiful sunset
far away from here
but my mind's still isn't clear
i can still imagine you
even if we're so far apart
and it breaks my big, sad heart

(chorus 2x)
Track Name: Never Gonna Love You No More
i never knew that you were always like this
i should have known
i'm promising myself from now on
that i'm never gonna love you no more

i've always thought to myself
that we were meant to be
i kept on dreaming every night
about you and me
my thoughts about us just keep on spiraling
inside my head
my friends were right
i should've thought about myself instead

you are not the one i want
you are not my type
your thoughts and opinions
are a waste of my time
i should've known better, oh
known better, oh
known better

i never knew that you were always like this
i should have known
i'm promising myself from now on
that i'm never gonna love you no more
you and i were never meant to be
leave me alone and just set me free
i can't take these thoughts anymore
and now i know
that i'm never gonna love you no more

just stay away from me
why can't you just let me be
i'm never gonna love you anymore