Stone Cold / Her Shelter

by Puhham

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released January 1, 2017




Puhham Chicago, Illinois

18 year old musician from chicago, il.


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Track Name: Stone Cold
my head feels stone cold
from the night before
i'm seeing pink and gold
never seen the sky like this before
the wind kept pouring all over my face
and i never ever wanted to leave this place
without the smoke around me

you told me to keep my hand away from the bar
but i wanna keep getting higher
i wanna hold the key
i wanna feel the breeze
i wanna travel real far
it just keeps on getting better

no sadness, no pain
not asleep nor awake
flying high like an airplane
so immobile, i can't shake
oh, i got no reason to feel scared
got no reason to feel scared, oh
no reason to feel scared,
don't be scared, yeah (yeah)

Track Name: Her Shelter
i can make you say my name
but all you know is hers
you're falling for that someone else
i know
i can make you feel this way
my hurt is sinking in
there's no way to change it for you

my feelings go forever
you're exactly what i needed
even if we're breaking
i'll be loving you
i'll be loving you
here we go again now
running round in circles
i don't care, my heart aches
cuz i be loving you
i be loving you

i can never find the right way to tell you
have you noticed i've been gone?
cuz i left behind the home that you made me
but i'll carry it along
and it's a long way forward
so trust in me
i'll give them shelter like you've
done for me
and i know
i'm not
you'll be watching over us
until you're gone...